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Navigating The New Normal In Interest Rates

navigating the new normal frisco tx

While inflation peaked in June 2022, the inflation rate is still significantly higher than the Federal Reserve would like to see. That means that they are holding interest rates where they are for the time being, and we need to be prepared for what that entails. At FHL Texas, we know that high interest rates affect… Read more »

Could A Reverse Mortgage Help You Retire In Place?

retire in place frisco tx

As we age, our homes become more than just a place to lay our head. They are places that hold your life, including all of those cherished memories, and if you want to continue living there after your retirement, you are certainly not alone. Many seniors are looking for ways to retire in place, and… Read more »

Aging In Place With A HECM Loan

aging in place frisco tx

Housing in North Texas has become increasingly more expensive over the last few years, and that has made it more difficult for some seniors in the Metroplex to continue to afford living in their current homes. So, if aging in place is becoming tougher for individuals, what are some tools that are available to improve… Read more »

Fun Cultural Events In Dallas This Weekend

events in dallas frisco tx

It’s finally spring here in North Texas, and that means that it is time to get out and enjoy the sunshine. There is a ton of events in Dallas going on every weekend during the spring, and this weekend is certainly no exception. When you are thinking about where to take your date (or your… Read more »

Using Your Home Equity To Your Advantage

convert your home equity frisco tx

Real estate tends to be a stable place to see financial growth, and that is one of the reasons why it is such a popular way for people in North Texas to invest their money. This is a long-term investment, however, meaning that if your net worth is tied up in your home, you could… Read more »

Buying A Home For The First Time

buying a home frisco tx

Buying a home is part of the American dream for many people, and if you are thinking about making the change from being a renter into homeownership, there are ways to be prepared. This can be a stressful situation when trying to figure it all out on your own, so speaking with someone who understands… Read more »

A Reverse Mortgage Helps You Use Your Home Equity

your home equity frisco tx

For many families in the Metroplex, a significant portion of their net worth is tied up in their home. With all of the changes in the economy, this can be a stable way to invest your money, but it unfortunately means that this capital is unavailable when it comes time to make an important investment…. Read more »

Enjoy The Atmosphere At These Dallas Weekend Events!

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As the weather starts to warm up, you know what time it is here in North Texas. It’s time to get out in the sunshine in our beautiful city. If you are looking for something fun to do this weekend in Dallas, there is no shortage of great activities, and this is the perfect time… Read more »

Convert Your Home’s Equity With A HECM Loan

convert your home's equity frisco tx

If you are like many here in North Texas, then you have much of your net worth housed in your housing. While historically, real estate has been seen as a stable place to grow your finances, there might be another way that you would like to use your money. A HECM loan is a specific… Read more »

Buying A New Home In 2024

new home in 2024 frisco tx

The housing market has seen some changes over the last few years, leaving many families to wonder if now is the right time to buy a home. Here in North Texas, buying a home is a goal for many, but understanding the right moves to take can be difficult. When you start to plan for… Read more »