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Making The Move From Renting To Owning

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The decision to buy a home is a serious investment, and if you have been renting your entire life, it can seem overwhelming. During the pandemic, many people made the move, but if you waited out that storm of activity, now may be a great time for you to purchase a home. While interest rates… Read more »

It’s Election Day! We Can Limit Property Taxes In Texas

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Today is election day, and there is an extra special constitutional amendment that is on the ballot here in Texas. This measure seeks to control the amount of money that everyday Texans have to pay in property taxes, and it could bring some much-needed relief to our state. Since we do not have a statewide… Read more »

First Time Buying A Home? We Can Help!

First Time Homebuyer Frisco TX

If you are thinking about making the leap from rentership into owning your own home, it can feel a little overwhelming. How much should you save for a down payment? Is the additional work worth it? You may have a million questions that are running through your head, and without a trusted guide, it may… Read more »

Refinancing Your Home For Your Future

Refinancing Your Home Frisco TX

Are you stuck in a high interest rate mortgage and want to reevaluate your options? When you need to learn about all of your financial options, make sure that you talk with a trusted source of information before you make any moves. The economic landscape is always changing, and more than ever, the expert guidance… Read more »

Financing Your New Vacation Home

Second Home Frisco TX

If you are looking to increase the amount of real estate holdings in your portfolio, it is important to find a trusted advisor to help you through the process. Even though you might be familiar with the steps in buying a home, each new time brings a host of different circumstances. If you have reached… Read more »

Fun Events This Weekend In Dallas, TX

Fun Events Dallas TX

If you are itching to get out this weekend, you are certainly not the only one. As the summer finally seems like it is cooling off a little bit, the city starts to come alive with activity. But with all the action going on around the Metroplex, you might be struggling to find something that… Read more »

Expert Guidance In Buying A New Home

New Home Frisco TX

If you are looking to make the leap from renting into homeownership, it can be an overwhelming experience. When you try to do this on your own, you may find yourself a little out of your depth, and this is completely understandable. After all, if this is your first time through the process, you do… Read more »

Take Control Of Your Finances With A HECM Loan

HECM Loan Frisco TX

For many seniors, a substantial portion of their net worth is often invested into their home. While this is often seen as a fairly safe place to keep capital, it can limit your freedom to make decisions surrounding money. If you are age 62 or older, you have the option to convert your existing home… Read more »

Texans Have A Chance To Lower Property Tax Rates

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This November, you have an opportunity to be a part of a change to our constitution, giving you much-needed tax relief. Since property tax reform requires a constitutional amendment, this process requires a statewide vote. As loan originators and financial advisors here in North Texas, FHL Texas understands the burden of current property tax rates… Read more »

Family-Friendly Free Dallas Events This Weekend

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If you are like us, you are looking for a way to escape the heat this weekend. This summer is seeming like it will never end, and so it is important to find events that can help you to stay cool. We are here to help you to find that perfect weekend adventure for you… Read more »