What To Know About Homeowners Insurance

homeowners insuranceHaving homeowners insurance is an essential (and mandatory) part of owning a home. It not only covers your home and belongings in case of damage or theft but it is also required by mortgage companies before they give you a loan. Because of this, you should factor its cost in when determining what your overall monthly payments will be. In today’s blog, Family Home Loan Texas discusses everything you should know about homeowners insurance.  (more…)

What To Do This Weekend In North Texas

Family EventsWelcome back to another community blog post! Even though Thanksgiving hasn’t even arrived yet, some family-friendly holiday events are starting to pop up all around the DFW Metroplex. We will certainly write about more of them as we move into December, but we figured we’d kick things off with a couple this week. In addition to these, there are some other, incredible happenings going on this weekend, and we are excited to share them with you. In today’s community blog, Family Home Loan Texas talks about all the events that you will certainly want to take the family to in the next couple of days. (more…)

What Goes Into Your Monthly Payments?

mortgage paymentsWhen you are looking at purchasing a home, the price likely seems astronomical; after all, very few people have hundreds of thousands of dollars available to put towards a home. Because of this, most individuals need a mortgage — which is paid each month until they attain full equity in their home. In today’s blog, Family Home Loan Texas discusses the various components that make up your total monthly mortgage payment.


How To Finance An Investment Property

Investment PropertyOwning an investment property is a great way to generate passive income. Not only is it safe compared to a fluctuating stock market, but it also allows you to receive either monthly money from rent or from a large sum when you flip a property. While this has many perks, it can be difficult to make the purchase initially because there is more red tape than with a traditional home purchase or even with a second home. In today’s blog, Family Home Loan Texas discusses how you can finance an investment property.  (more…)

Family Friendly Events Happening This Weekend

family eventIt is almost the weekend, which means it is time for another installment of our weekly community blog. In the next few days, there are myriad events that you and the whole family will love. From quiet artistic outings to adrenaline-pumping extravaganzas, you’ll certainly want to venture out of the house this weekend. In today’s community blog, Family Home Loan Texas gives the rundown on some particularly fun local adventures you are sure to love.  (more…)

Learn About Cash-Out Refinancing

cash out refinanceWe’ve previously talked about refinancing your mortgage in previous blogs. It is often a great tool to either adjust the duration of your loan or to take advantage of lower interest rates. Now, we’ll talk about another option that will leave you with quite a bit of extra money to spend as you please. In today’s blog, Family Home Loan Texas discusses the basics of cash-out refinancing and the ways it can help you free up cash. (more…)

Learn About The Home Loan Process

Home Loan ProcessWhether you’ve purchased a home before or you’re a new buyer, the process of getting a mortgage can seem intimidating. We are inundated with advertisements and information that can muddy our ideas of what the process actually entails. This can certainly seem like a deterrent to some, but we are here to help show you that buying a home is more attainable than you might think. In today’s blog, Family Home Loan Texas walks you through every step of the home loan process.  (more…)

We Can Help You Finance A Second Home

Second HomeBeing in a position to buy a second home is exciting. Whether you want a cozy cabin in the mountains or a window-filled house on the beach, having another home will open up another chapter in your life. While it will surely be thrilling, there is a lot to know before moving forward. From credit score requirements to financing options, there is quite a bit to understand. In today’s blog, Family Home Loan Texas discusses everything you need to know about buying a second home.