Long-Term Advantages To Owning A Home

How will the move from renting your living space to owning your residence affect you? You can feel an immediate sense of pride in your status as a homeowner, and you can enjoy the stability of being so firmly set in where you live. A home can also offer more space, including outdoor spaces, that are yours to enjoy and maintain as you see fit. These comforts aside, there are also real financial benefits to home ownership that you should consider. In the long term, the growing equity in your home can raise your worth and provide real value in your later years. You can also take advantage of opportunities like refinancing and reverse mortgages at the appropriate times, which can help you set aside money and improve your financial standing.

The leap from renting to owning can be appealing, but it can also be intimidating for a first time buyer. Whether you are looking to secure your first mortgage or you are already a homeowner, FHL Texas can make buying easier. We offer support through no-cost preapprovals that help you move forward with an offer, guidance on what to expect from your mortgage terms, and general assistance to make sure your big move is the right one. (more…)

Early Mortgage Guidance During Your Home Search

As exciting as it is to start the search for your new home, it is important to gather the right information early in the process. This means more than just exploring neighborhoods and looking at what properties are available, as you should also look into matters like pricing trends, changes in interest rates, and your own financial health. Financial matters can be more difficult to assess than the fitness of a home for your family. Fortunately, you can count on FHL Texas to provide important early guidance!

Families ready to make a home purchase can meet with us to learn how their credit history, their proposed down payment, and available loan terms will impact them. This expert guidance can give you important insight into the market, your loan options, and how you can proceed on the path to becoming a homeowner. Our support can be especially helpful to people who are trying to become first time homeowners, but it can be smart to receive expert guidance on the current housing market even if you have already been through this process. (more…)

How Can Refinancing Help My Family?

You can be overjoyed after your offer for a new home is accepted, and thrilled to begin your life in your own property. There are different factors that affect what you receive for your mortgage terms, including the interest rates at the time of your purchase. Of course, interest rates tend to change, which can affect what kind of terms are offered to buyers. When those changes are favorable, many homeowners take advantage by refinancing!

FHL Texas can help people interested in making home purchases work with lending companies and find the right mortgage. With that said, we are here to help with more than just your effort to buy your property. We can assist you with a timely refinance and change your monthly financial obligations. With our support, you can secure better loan terms while avoiding out-of-pocket costs. You can even make smart use of changing rates and receive extra income with a cash out refinance. (more…)

Are You Ready For Your First Investment Property?

When you think about your long-term financial plans, you should think about the role the right investments will play in helping you to build your net worth. One way to do this is to look at real estate for opportunities to not just secure but grow your money. Investing in a real estate property can help you earn passive income over time and see real success from your financial commitment. However, making that purchase can be more challenging than you anticipate—even if you are familiar with the homebuying process, the rules and regulations for buying will present new challenges. Fortunately, FHL Texas has experience with this kind of purchase!

We can help you work through the different requirement and understand what you should expect. We can provide information on the different interest rates, down payment requirements, and credit score expectations that come with this kind of purchase. Beyond just giving guidance, we can work to help you secure better terms on your mortgage. Having the right help can make investing easier, and it can give you better terms when you begin to grow your worth! (more…)

Is Now A Good Time To Buy A Home?

Buyers and sellers in the housing market can gain different advantages as the real estate market fluctuates. For someone on the outside, it can be difficult to assess whether a certain time is really the “right” time to put a home on the market, or if this is really the most advantageous time to make a purchase. For Fall 2022, there are several trends that make this a good time for buyers, including first time buyers! In addition to falling mortgage rates and less competition for homes, changes in credit scoring are giving people a welcome bump in points! With FHL Texas on hand to help you secure the right mortgage for your dream home, this autumn could be the ideal time for you to make the move from renter to owner! (more…)

Smart Planning Before Your First Home Purchase

What will it take for you to become a homeowner for the first time? It can be challenging to move from renting to buying, as first time buyers can face certain hurdles that may seem tough to clear. You will not have the sale of a property to put toward your down payment, and you will not have the credit history of someone who has already been a homeowner. With that said, the right planning and research can help you make the transition to owning your living space more easily than you anticipate. Saving your money and reviewing your credit history will be important, and so will reviewing your options in terms of what homes are available in your area and what kind of loan terms might be available to you.

FHL Texas can provide valuable support as you try to buy your first home. We can explain the different loan types and terms that you are eligible to receive. You can also count on us to help you secure a no-cost pre-approval, a major step toward purchasing your desired property. By relying on our services, you can have less difficulty navigating the world of real estate and mortgages, and you can find yourself in your ideal first home! (more…)

Your Pre-Approval And Your Home Loan

What will it take for you to secure the home of your dreams? Beyond searching for the right property, you need to be prepared for the process of applying and qualifying for the right mortgage. Securing a home loan can be one of the more challenging and confusing aspects of making a purchase, especially when you are looking to buy your first home. Fortunately, FHL Texas can help you throughout this process. One important early step is the application process is the pre-approval, something we can help you with at no cost! Once you have the pre-approval, you can look at locking in the right interest rate and payment terms to make sure your new home is the right space and the right price for you! (more…)

What Questions Do You Have About Home Loans?

Few decisions feel as exciting, or as significant, as the one to become a homeowner. The security of owning your space and the benefits to building equity through property are hard to overstate. With the right space and the right mortgage, you can enjoy significant long-term benefits. Of course, one early question you have to ask is what actually makes a mortgage the right one? A home is something you can visit and see for yourself. As you try to look through different home loan terms, the process can become confusing and frustrating. For many first-time buyers, it can sometimes be difficult to see how you can move forward at all. Fortunately, you can count on guidance from FHL Texas!

Our expert guidance can help you with your initial steps in the homebuying process. Because we provide no-cost preapprovals, you can see what you are eligible for before sinking your money into securing a mortgage. We can answer your questions, help you understand what is available to you, and make sure you know what the terms of your loan include. You can also count on us later on if you want to refinance, or if you are looking to buy a second home or property investment! (more…)

Securing The Right Home Loan For The Long Term

Whether the real estate market favors buyers or sellers, people looking for their first home or a new home can find a number of attractive properties. Of course, while it is an important choice, selecting the property you want is not the only choice you have to make. You can find that you have different options for loans, and they can come with varying terms. What you select can have a lasting impact on your financially. The right choice can certainly be advantageous, but the wrong one can lead to difficulties at a later date.

FHL Texas understands that information on mortgages is important, but that it can be difficult to know what you are agreeing to if you do not have the right support. We can help you throughout the process of reviewing and securing loan terms. Information on FHA or conventional loans, the impact of your down payment on your terms, and what you gain from selecting a fixed rate or adjustable rate mortgage can be explored. Starting with your initial no-obligation pre-approval, we can make the home purchasing process accessible and easily understood! (more…)

Are You Interested In Purchasing A Second Home?

Home purchases can provide more than just a place to live. Sometimes, buyers who intend to stay in their current residence look out for a second home to buy. In doing so, they can secure a place for a child, make an investment in real estate, or set themselves up with a lovely vacation space. Just as these properties can serve different roles, they can come with different requirements and limitations on what kinds of loans are available. Fortunately, FHL Texas is prepared to help you when you make your first attempt at buying a second home. In addition to providing guidance on what to expect, you can learn how to properly arrange the sale so that it does not have the kinds of costs that come with a commercial real estate purchase. Remember that we can provide an initial consultation at no cost, and we also provide a pre-approval process to help you make sure this is the right time to make this step. (more…)