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Take Control Of Your Finances With A HECM Loan

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For many seniors, a substantial portion of their net worth is often invested into their home. While this is often seen as a fairly safe place to keep capital, it can limit your freedom to make decisions surrounding money. If you are age 62 or older, you have the option to convert your existing home… Read more »

A Reverse Mortgage Can Help You Do More

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If you have heard about reverse mortgages, you may have heard certain myths and misconceptions about their application. These days, this form of loan is a useful tool for people in a variety of situations, so take some time to learn about how they could be helpful to you. These can be of benefit to… Read more »

Reverse Mortgage Myths And Misconceptions

Reverse Mortgage

Reverse mortgages have gotten a bad reputation over the years, and a lot of it is rooted in myths and misinformation. This is particularly unfortunate because they are actually very helpful for those who qualify. They provide a way to free up necessary funds that can cover major expenses and can help you live your… Read more »

What Is A Reverse Mortgage?

Reverse Mortgage

It can be difficult to find liquid assets once you are in or near retirement. If you are retired you are likely on a fixed income. If you’re close to it, you are probably diligently saving to make the most of your life once you stop working. While financial responsibility is always the best move… Read more »