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Navigating The New Normal In Interest Rates

navigating the new normal frisco tx

While inflation peaked in June 2022, the inflation rate is still significantly higher than the Federal Reserve would like to see. That means that they are holding interest rates where they are for the time being, and we need to be prepared for what that entails. At FHL Texas, we know that high interest rates affect… Read more »

Refinancing Your Home For Your Future

Refinancing Your Home Frisco TX

Are you stuck in a high interest rate mortgage and want to reevaluate your options? When you need to learn about all of your financial options, make sure that you talk with a trusted source of information before you make any moves. The economic landscape is always changing, and more than ever, the expert guidance… Read more »

Is Refinancing Really Going To Help Me?

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There are many advantages to purchasing a home rather than continue to rent your living space. One benefit is in the consistency of your monthly costs—instead of seeing your rent change each time your lease renews, you can enjoy the stability of a set mortgage. This means you have no unpleasant surprises in the form… Read more »

Should You Look Into Refinancing Your Home?

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Buying a home provides more stability when it comes to your long-term finances, as you no longer have to move from one rental agreement to another and watch your monthly payments rise with each change. This consistency is one of many reasons people are excited to become homeowners; with that said, you do have the… Read more »

Will Appraisal Waivers Affect Your Homebuying Plans?

Securing a loan for a home you want to buy requires more than just the right credit score and down payment. Lenders are cautious about what they give out, as they can be hurt by providing mortgages that are larger than the value of the home being purchased. One way they protect themselves is through… Read more »

How Can Refinancing Help My Family?

You can be overjoyed after your offer for a new home is accepted, and thrilled to begin your life in your own property. There are different factors that affect what you receive for your mortgage terms, including the interest rates at the time of your purchase. Of course, interest rates tend to change, which can… Read more »

What Homeowners Can Gain Through Refinancing

When you secure a mortgage, you receive a set of terms that ultimately affect what you pay each month and for how long you will owe on your loan. Sometimes, the best terms that are available to you are not going to be ideal in the long run. In this situation, there is something you… Read more »

Use Home Equity To Boost Your Retirement


If you are nearing retirement age and own a home, there is a good chance that you either have your mortgage fully paid off or you are getting close. Over time, you have put a lot of equity into your home. Home equity is the amount of money you’ve put into your home versus what… Read more »

Is Now A Good Time To Refinance?


It is always important to consider ways you can save money. It is admittedly difficult to stay on top of all of your finances and bills, especially now that so many things are automated. Even keeping track of all of your streaming services — we’ve all forgotten to cancel what was supposed to be a… Read more »

Consider A Cash-Out Refinance In 2022

cash-out refinance

Once you own a home and have a  mortgage, it is tempting to think your work is done. After all, the home buying process — not to mention the securing of a loan — can be arduous. However,  it is important to consistently assess your options in order to save money in the long run…. Read more »