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Pre-Approval And Your Home Buying Efforts

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A home purchase is significant for many reasons. When you buy your property, you secure one of the most important spaces of your life, one where you can establish community roots and raise a family. The purchase is also significant because it is a large financial investment, one that requires a significant initial purchase but… Read more »

What Impacts Your Credit Report?

Credit Report

A lot of factors can affect your credit score, and there are some new, surprising changes that will benefit lots of individuals. The three major credit reporting companies — Equifax, Experian, and TransUnion — are making significant adjustments to the way they report medical debt. This marks a notable change and could maybe even signal… Read more »

Our Simple Pre-Approval Process

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If you’re beginning the search for buying a house, pre-approval is typically one of the very first steps. It can seem particularly intimidating for first-time buyers, but in reality, it is a very straightforward process that ultimately streamlines the entire home purchasing experience. In today’s blog post, Family Home Loan Texas tells you everything you… Read more »