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Will Your Savings Help You Secure Your First Home?

What do you gain from building your savings over time? Part of why you should set aside money is to make sure you can protect yourself when the unexpected happens. Medical concerns, car repairs, unemployment, and other issues can come with costs that you will have to clear. However, you should not think about savings… Read more »

Should I Choose An FHA Or Conventional Loan?

When it comes to buying a home, the property cost is far from the only factor that affects what you will be paying from month to month. Different loan types offer different terms in the short and long term, and some come with additional costs that you will need to factor into your budgeting. One… Read more »

Are You Looking For A Low Down Payment Mortgage?


Are You Looking For A Low Down Payment Mortgage? Several loan programs can help home buyers with a lower income and/or low down payment. One such program is the Fannie Mae HomeReady mortgage. You could pay as little as 3% down on a HomeReady loan. That’s $6,000 down on a $200,000 home — even less… Read more »

How To Buy A Home With A Lower Credit Score

credit score

Credit scores are a major component of securing a favorable mortgage loan and unfortunately, many people have scores that can hinder the home buying process. The factors that have lowered your score could very well be out of your control and are based on decisions made many years ago. After all, many people get credit… Read more »

What Is The Home Buying Process?

Home Loan Process

While buying a home is an immensely rewarding milestone, the process of getting there can be overwhelming and daunting. From choosing the ideal house to securing a mortgage to everything in between, you will certainly have a lot on your plate. This is by no means a deterrent; rather, it is beneficial to know what… Read more »

Fixed-Rate And Adjustable-Rate Mortgages

mortgage loan

If you have a mortgage, you are certainly paying interest on it. This is true for all loans, as it incentivizes lenders to provide you with the funds you need. It also gives them security should the loan default. Long-term interest rates are primarily determined by the demand for U.S. Treasury notes, and they fluctuate… Read more »

Do You Qualify For A VA Loan?

VA Loan

When you are in the market for a new home, the listed prices can seem dizzying. After all, not many of us have the cash to pay outright, so we turn to mortgage loans. Though these are incredibly helpful and necessary, even the down payment amounts can seem daunting. Though the payment for a conventional,… Read more »

What Are The 2022 Home Loan Trends?

home trends

In our previous blog, we discussed navigating the housing market in DFW. If you have been following real estate news and prices in general, you’ve probably noticed that prices are significantly higher than they have been and that it seems like there are fewer homes on the market than there had been previously. With the… Read more »

FHA Loans Can Make Buying A Home Possible

fha loan

We understand that the prospect of buying a house, especially for potential new homeowners, may seem unattainable for many. It is a major undertaking and could very likely be the largest purchase you’ve ever considered making. This often turns people away from the idea, as they assume they simply can’t make it work. While purchasing… Read more »

How Do I Find The Right Loan For My Family?

types of loans

When you are looking at the mortgages available to you, you could easily feel overwhelmed by the number of choices. There are seemingly endless kinds — each meeting different financial needs and having different eligibility requirements. With that in mind, there are several more common ones that you will be able to choose from, narrowing… Read more »