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What To Expect From Housing Affordability In 2023

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Housing affordability can be a serious obstacle for potential buyers, particularly those buyers who do not have a current property to sell. During 2022, property prices and higher interest rates limited people’s purchasing power. However, as we review the market trends at the end of 2022, there are reasons to anticipate better affordability in 2023…. Read more »

Are You Ready To Become A Homeowner In 2023?

The new year is days away, but many people are already working out their resolutions for 2023. Many couples and families will look to make this year the one when they pursue homeownership. It can be exciting to think about reaching this milestone, but it can also feel difficult to take on if you lack… Read more »

We Help With Different Types Of Homebuying

For many who start to explore the housing market, the goal is to find a property that will serve as their home. Buying offers many benefits over renting, including the stability of mortgage terms and a location you can make your own by renovating and remodeling. Doing so also helps you grow your net worth… Read more »

Am I Ready To Make A Down Payment On A Mortgage?

The leap from renter to homeowner can seem like a large one, particularly if you are not sure what to make of the housing market or unsure what it will take to secure a mortgage. Fortunately, help is available, which means you gain the benefits of insight and experience on matters that can prove difficult… Read more »

The Benefits Of Buying A Home Over Renting

If your time with your current lease is almost up, you can dive right into the search for another rental space, or you can explore the advantages to buying a home. There are benefits to making the transition to home ownership, but it can be an intimidating to make the leap from renting. Even if… Read more »

Should Market Trends Affect My Interest In Buying A Home?

Housing trends change in a number of ways, and it can be difficult to look at the market from the outside and determine just how those changes affect your plans to buy a home. The movement of interest rates, both local and larger housing price fluctuations, and shifts in supply and demand all play a… Read more »

Long-Term Advantages To Owning A Home

How will the move from renting your living space to owning your residence affect you? You can feel an immediate sense of pride in your status as a homeowner, and you can enjoy the stability of being so firmly set in where you live. A home can also offer more space, including outdoor spaces, that… Read more »

Early Mortgage Guidance During Your Home Search

As exciting as it is to start the search for your new home, it is important to gather the right information early in the process. This means more than just exploring neighborhoods and looking at what properties are available, as you should also look into matters like pricing trends, changes in interest rates, and your… Read more »

Is Now A Good Time To Buy A Home?

Buyers and sellers in the housing market can gain different advantages as the real estate market fluctuates. For someone on the outside, it can be difficult to assess whether a certain time is really the “right” time to put a home on the market, or if this is really the most advantageous time to make… Read more »

Smart Planning Before Your First Home Purchase

What will it take for you to become a homeowner for the first time? It can be challenging to move from renting to buying, as first time buyers can face certain hurdles that may seem tough to clear. You will not have the sale of a property to put toward your down payment, and you… Read more »