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Have A Great Weekend In North Texas

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It is heating up quickly in the DFW Metroplex, so it can be difficult to find the motivation to leave your air-conditioned, cool home. However, there are lots of worthwhile activities and events going on around North Texas this weekend. In all of our community blogs, we strive to highlight the best goings-on around the… Read more »

Don’t Miss Out On DFW Events This Weekend

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It is Friday, which means we are back with a new community blog. Looking at the weather for the weekend, it seems like it will be cloudy yet not raining, so the temperatures shouldn’t feel too exorbitantly toasty. This provides a great opportunity to get out and about with your family and take in some… Read more »

Fun Family Events In DFW

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Each Friday, we take a break from our usual topics on mortgages and loan assistance to take a look at our community. In today’s blog, Family Home Loan Texas is looking at three fun community events that are happening in Dallas, TX and surrounding communities, all of which are fun for the entire family!

3 Upcoming Community Events

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Each week, Family Home Loan Texas likes to dedicate a blog to family-friendly events happening in the Dallas, TX, community. In today’s blog, we’re looking at the fun events in the DFW area that are fun for the entire family! You can also find links to more formation or to make reservations, so you and… Read more »

Enjoy A Beautiful Weekend In North Texas

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April is here, but don’t worry: nothing in today’s community blog will be fooling you. We take our fun North Texas events very seriously, so we will still be highlighting our top family-friendly picks. Hopefully, the beautiful weather is here to stay, so you can rest easy knowing that you will have lots to do… Read more »

Explore North Texas This Weekend

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What a week it has been since our last community blog. We had our first tornado advisory of the year, which is a sure sign that Spring is here. We luckily made it through, and now we can finally enjoy our free time this weekend. As always there’s a lot to do around the DFW… Read more »

Be Sure To Enjoy Your Weekend In DFW

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Well, it seems like the spring weather is here to stay, so now is a good time to open up those windows and let the pleasant air filter through your home. It is also an opportune time to lace up those sneakers and start strolling around town; this is a great way to shake off… Read more »

How To Enjoy This Weekend In DFW

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In last week’s community blog, we touted the coming of spring and the warmer temperatures. Perhaps the weather got wind of this confidence and decided to throw us for a loop by plummeting temperatures once again. Such is life in North Texas, so hopefully, you didn’t put away your winter coats, hats, and gloves quite… Read more »

What To Do With Your Family This Weekend

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After some crazy weather over the past couple of weeks, it seems like we are finally settling into a stretch of nice, beautiful days. Of course, there’s always a risk of the temperatures plummeting (or soaring) and confusing all of us in North Texas, yet again. With that said, there’s no sense of worrying about… Read more »

What To Do In DFW This Weekend


Well, we survived another stretch of extremely cold and precarious weather. Yes yes, it is winter, but this is North Texas, and we simply aren’t used to these conditions. Hopefully, you were able to get a snow day from work and enjoy a couple of days by the fire with your family. Even if you… Read more »